Rain (irishshamrocks) wrote,

Wow...I am actually writing on my fanfics... *gasp*

More specifically, Shades of Green. ..
okay...so I'm not really writing...Well I mean I am...just not anything new...well it is new but not any new scenes. I'm beefing up what I already had with descriptions and detail seeing as it was definitly lacking in that department as it was more of a rough draft than anything. Ah, SoG is so refreshing to me...because there is NO redeemed!Draco.... hehe, I find that pretty sad that I have to write my own fanfiction just to enjoy fanfiction.Err, I do like some fics but most of them have turned me off now days because they all have redeemed-leatherpants!Draco who dates Ginny or Hermione. D/Hr is just, and always, was ick. But I use to be a fan of G/D but now I hate it. God, its so cliche and to fluffy. G/D was nice when it was not so common and angsty but now its just plain way overrated.

What's worse is that I can barely find any good H/Hr fics that do NOT have D/G as a side ship. Or Ron/Lavender, which is despicable. I'm about to shun any and all H/Hr fics that have either, and normally both, of those pairings.

*sighs* Draco was never one of my favourite characters but I much prefer canon!Draoc over fannon!Draco. Fannon!Draco makes me gag all over myself. Draco is EVIL and CORRUPT! He is UNREDEEMABLE! The ONLY redeemed!Draco I ever liked is Angie's version of him in Trouble in Paradise & Paradise Lost which are two of the most brilliant fics I've ever read. (Go read them if you haven�t!!!)

Okay...I'm done ranting now...I think....


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Of course it is to both of those statements! I am a high-minded idealist henceforth my head IS in the cloudes. Its a good thing because it allows me to escape my disgust with reality and people in general.

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