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Wow...I am actually writing on my fanfics... *gasp*

More specifically, Shades of Green. ..
okay...so I'm not really writing...Well I mean I am...just not anything new...well it is new but not any new scenes. I'm beefing up what I already had with descriptions and detail seeing as it was definitly lacking in that department as it was more of a rough draft than anything. Ah, SoG is so refreshing to me...because there is NO redeemed!Draco.... hehe, I find that pretty sad that I have to write my own fanfiction just to enjoy fanfiction.Err, I do like some fics but most of them have turned me off now days because they all have redeemed-leatherpants!Draco who dates Ginny or Hermione. D/Hr is just, and always, was ick. But I use to be a fan of G/D but now I hate it. God, its so cliche and to fluffy. G/D was nice when it was not so common and angsty but now its just plain way overrated.

What's worse is that I can barely find any good H/Hr fics that do NOT have D/G as a side ship. Or Ron/Lavender, which is despicable. I'm about to shun any and all H/Hr fics that have either, and normally both, of those pairings.

*sighs* Draco was never one of my favourite characters but I much prefer canon!Draoc over fannon!Draco. Fannon!Draco makes me gag all over myself. Draco is EVIL and CORRUPT! He is UNREDEEMABLE! The ONLY redeemed!Draco I ever liked is Angie's version of him in Trouble in Paradise & Paradise Lost which are two of the most brilliant fics I've ever read. (Go read them if you haven�t!!!)

Okay...I'm done ranting now...I think....


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Of course it is to both of those statements! I am a high-minded idealist henceforth my head IS in the cloudes. Its a good thing because it allows me to escape my disgust with reality and people in general.

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Hello!!! Ugh, I'm so bored, we are supposed to be looking for outsider art for inspiration, but I'm not a bloody artist! I don't get inspiration!!

Anyway, that was a very nice rant on redeemed!draco... and I would comment further except that the bell is about to ring...

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Lol Loz...

Hmm your the Loz Potter from FAP, yes?


March 30 2003, 23:10:53 UTC 15 years ago

Have you read the Draco trilogy by Cassandra Claire? It doesn't really redeem Draco. He maintains a witty, sarcastic, and arrogant personality, especially in Draco Sinister. It's H/Hr. but also tiny D/G for like two seconds, so I don't know if it would be up your alley.
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hi --

just wanted to suggest another fic if you haven't already read this... It's called "The Last Time" by Calliope (i think), you can find it at the pumkpinpie.org or at the pgw_industries at yahoogroups.com. It's the most accurate of all the fics I've read for inhogwarts fics and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have d/g.

Have you tried looking for AngieJ's other fics? She writes killer d/g as well as h/h... but i think you have to go search on the hp_paradise yahoogroups to find the extra paradise d/g fics... (side note: I loved her fics, but very sad that she's not writing more of them!!)