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*Sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room*

Okay...events of the day.

Dinner- Ate at Chillies...not exactly my favourite place. Anyway... I orded the "Hawaiian Local Plate" which consisted of my choice of baby-back Ribs, some kind of chicken, or smoked Ahli (fish), and white (steamed) rice & macaroni salad. (but not like you would normally think of mac salad...not that I like it either way). Of course I choose Ribs as I detest any kind of chick and fish. Anyway....they served my food on a leaf....yes a REAL LIVE leaf...(okay so the leaf was on a plate but it covered the whole thing and it was kinda werid you know...) so I ate one scoop of the rice (there were two scoops of it...about the size of icecream scoops) and then I was about to start on my ribs when I noticed a longish peice of black...like a thread... running across it....so I picked it up... A HAIR. Ugh. How disgusting is that? Of course the manager took it away and got me a new one...but I was definitly turned off food by then.... *shudders*

Okay...and other than being bored that was about it. Hehe.
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