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Yay okay I was bored and went looking at other peoples LJs and stole this from Lisa so now I have something to do! Hehe. *rollseyes at self* I'm pitiful :-P

What time is it: 931 pm

What is the date: December 16, 2002

*~*~Info about you~*~*
Full Name: .....ugh okay...Ill tell but... I HATE it..it rhymes....*blink* Rachel Renee Mitchell...but ya I go by RAIN so don't get any ideas.
Age: That would be telling...hehe well if you want to know just ask :-P
Sex: female
Birthday: Jul 25th

Where do you live: Wahiawa, Hawai'i
Where else have you lived: Maryland (two diff occasions), Virginia, Texas, California, Hawaii, Japan, Spain, and if 6mths counts than Missouri as well. (those are not in chronological order)
What state: See above
Zodiac Sign: Leo..I think... *shrugs* I don't care
What school do you go to: I don't
What is your mascot : uhhh
What are your school colors: N/A
Nicknames: I'm not listing them because I hate them all and ya... lol those who don't know them don't need to get any ideas.
Where were you born: San Angelo, TX
What hospital: *shrugs*
What are your hobbies: Witting, Acting/Drama, Reading, Driving, Computers, PS2, Working(when I have a job), RPing, Movies, ect...
Hair color: Red
Ever died your hair: yes
What color: just a darker red than my natural colour
Hair length: shoulder-length
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'2 (*sniffle* I'm so short)
Weight: Um...well lets put it this way I'm over 80 and under 115.
Have any pets: Two dogs & two brothers...oh wait, they don't count do they?
Whats their names: Boomer & Buzz
Siblings: Ya
Names and age: Hope, 18- Aaron 14- Andrew 11.
What do you fear most in the world: Several things I'd rather not disclose here.
What do you regret the most: See above answer
If you could do anything without consequences, what would it be: Tell certain political or rather, X-politcal, leaders what I really think of them to their faces.....
Do you have braces: Unforutanily
Do you have glasses: No, I have 20/20 *g*
Are you good at school: Yes..anything under an A is absolutly horrid...for me anyway.
Shoe size: A 5-6 depending on the shoe

Car:Depends...I dont one fav but show me the car Ill tell you if I like :-D
Color: I'd say black but since that is technially a shade and not a colour than Green is is my fav....
Teacher: *shrugs*
Class: I absolutly adored Government and History *g* Espeically Government because in my old class we did debate on political issues...and I won all of mine *G*
Day of the week: Hmm....Friday? New movies come out then.
Holiday: Chrissy I suppose.
Season: Autumn...its beautiful and the weather is perfect.
Month: Hmm...any month in the fall.
Sport: Soccer
Movie:WAY to many to name
Actress: Sandra Bullock & Julia Stiles
Actor:I don't have any one favourite really....but Heath Ledger is very nice....
T.V. show: the NEWS...hehe..um I dont really watch TV other than that...but when I do its either The Amazing Race or F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Food: indiffrent
Drink: A&W Rootbeer (softdrink) & Vanilla Coke
Band: I like Creed, P.O.D...and Avalon especially now that they are techno instead of rock-pop ^^
Male singer: Michael Smith I guess...but I dunno really
Female singer: Rachael Lampa
E-mail buddy: AIM!!!
Saying: *shrugs*
Word: ...? Brill
Brand of shoes: None? I like to go barefoot....
Radio station: I don't really listen.
Room in your house: My Sanctuary ...AKA my bedroom
Concert you have been to: I didnt like any that Ive been too
CD: My Rachael Lampa CDS....I also like my Avalon ones.
Pizza Topping: pepperoni
State: Virginia
City: No prefrence...as long as its in VA
Letter: B...I dunno why.
Number: 2 & 7
Vacation spot: Err..well I havn't been on many but If I had to choose a spot to go either Ireland, England, or Oz.
Cereal: Gag me...I hate cereal and havn't eaten since....I was what...8?
Ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Video game: Final Fantasy 3 and 10. (I also like the others as well) and Dark Cloud

*~*~Your friends~*~*
Friends: You know who you are.
Best friend: I dont choose favourites :-P
Spend most time with: My Net friends....
Best house: Um....
Funniest: Lena
Hottest: *no comment*
Strongest: I hve no idea
Most athletic: Tara because as far as I know she's the only one that plays anything
Knows you the best: Eh....
Most outgoing: Several of my Net friends
Most shy: That would be me...or/and Louise.
Always negative: Undisclosed
Most trustworthy: *shrugs*
Most fun to be with: *shrugs*
Biggest flirt: Stangly I have no flirty friends....and I wouldnt know about my Net friends
Best dressed: Beth
Best eyes: *shrugs*
Most depressed: *undisclosed*
One to gossip with: Everyone...hehe
Sweetest: Awww...lol...everyone but Rachel....she's to vulgar :-P
Most annoying: As if I would answer that....
Who follows you: I have a stalker??
Do you make friends easily: Not really
Are you intimidated by any of your friends: Nope
If u were stranded on a desert island then who, out of your friends, would u want to be there with u: Hmm......I dont really know.
Who do u think would help u the most if u were in trouble: Well I think any of them would really...otherwise they wouldnt really be myfriends would they?
Who do u think would risk their life to save yours: Well some of them may try but I'd be like "Sod off" ...hehe arn't I so greatful?
Who is the most popular: *shrugs*
Who is the most unpopular: Me? *shrugs*
Who do u want to go to college with: dont care.
Who do u wish could be part of your family: *shrugs*
Who is the biggest junk food junkie: Hmm several of them eat all the time...*rollseyes*
Who would do anything for 1 million bucks: hmmm...
Who do u think has the nicest siblings: Taylor
Who do u think has the nicest mom: Jazz
Who do u think has the nicest dad: *shrugs*
Who do you have the most inside jokes with: Taylor

*~*~This or That~*~*
Red or Blue: Blue
Pretzels or Potato Chips: I dont really eat either
Jeans or Khakis: jeans...but khakis are nice
Comedy or Drama: Drama
Computer or TV: Computer
Gold or Silver: Ugh Gold is blah...and ick....but I love SILVER!
Outgoing or Shy: I'm shy...
Tall or Short: well I love tall guys....*g*
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner...I dont eat Brekkie.
Day or Night: Night
Radio or Cd's: CDs
Internet or Phone: Internet because I never get any phone calls :-P
98 degrees or O town: Blah neither...boybands....*shudder*
Happy or sad: *sarcastic* Sad of course
Guy or girl: Romantic intrests: Guys....Friends: girls or guys
Sexy or Cute: sexy of course....hehe
Tuff or wimpy: Tuff
Strong or weak: Strong
Funny or hilarious: Hilarious
Summer or winter: Winter
Love or lust: Love
Friends or family: either....well....lol...
Car or truck: car
Dog or cat: dog
Walk or run: walking
Inside or outside:inside especially if its summer....the sun and I do not get along. He thinks is funny to burn me even through several layers of 70sp sunblock.
Hurricane or Tornado: Hurricane
Thunder or lightning: Both! I have a morbid liking for storms.
Rain or snow: Rain...I love walking in the rain...its so...nevermind...lol you'll think I'm more deluded than I already am.
Hail or sleet: Hail
Sunny or cloudy: Cloudy
Loud or quiet: Quiet
Mcdonalds or Burger king: I hate both but I will at least eat at McGag if I have to. I refuse BK.
Hardee's or Arby's: ew neither.
Rebel or goodie goodie: A mix
Coffee or tea: Tea..I dont drink coffee
Coke or pepsi: Coke..especially Vanilla
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: DR Pepper
White chocolate or normal chocolate: White Cholocate *yum*
Britney or Christina: Ugh....neither..blah
Black or white: I prefer the colour black :-D
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Diary or journal: Journal
Writing or typing: Depends..
Cold or hot: cold
Pen or pencil: Pen...but pencils are okay
Candle or insence: Candle, Yankee, French Vanilla sent.
Plain paper or lined paper: lined
Blonde or brunette: Brunette
Curly or straight: Depends. I prefer straight...but on some people curly is cute
Blanket or sleeping bag: Blanket
Shower or bath: Shower
Body wash or soap: Either
Purfume or Body spray: Either even though I dont normally wear anything
Wal-mart or target: Target...but since there is no target here on my island...wal-mart...blah
American Eagle or Abercrombie: none
Hamburgers or hotdogs: No, not really.
Great america or Universal studios: Never been to great america...
Pochahontas or Mulan : Seen both and don't really have a prefrence.
Swimmer's ear or ear infection: What kind of quesiton is tihs? NEITHER
Pop tart or toaster strudels: Toaster strudel the apple filling kind.
Chicken or turkey: Ugh neither...(I do not like meat...well most meat anyway)
MTV or VH1: Do not watch either.
Shorts or pants: Pants
Tank tops or t-shirts: Tanks!! I live in tanks :-D t-shirts are okay though.
Mandy moore or Jessica simpson: neither
Spanish or German: no pref.
Rich and dumb or Poor and smart: Anything smart
Markers or colored pencils: penciles
Boxers or briefs: On guys? Boxers of course.
Nike or Adidas: Niki
Mercedes or BMW: either
Army or Navy: Err...well while I find it nessassary to have them I don't like the way the military is run but will refrain from comment.
Orange or grape: Orange
Lime or lemon: Lime
Striped or plaid: Striped...
Innie or outie: innie
Hot tub or sauna: hot tub
Land or water: Land def.
Sneeze or cough: neither
Skittles or M&M's: skittles
Truth or dare: *skeptical look* Depends who I play with.... *eg*
Letterman or leno:dont watch
SNL or mad tv: dont watch
Drummers or guitar players: either is fine

*~*~Which way would you spell it~*~*
Megan or Meghan: Meghan
Lacey or Lacy: Lacey
Steven or Stephen: Stephan at the moment...but it really depends I go back and forth
Kurt or Curt: Kurt
Mark or Marc: Mark
Brandi or Brandy: Brandy
Eric or Erik: Erik
Corrine or Carine: Corrine
Kari or Carrie: Kari
Jackie or Jackqui: Jackie
Deseray or Desirae: Desirae
Ashley or Ashleigh: Ashlee...hehe.
Their or there: depends on grammar use
Two, too, or to: ^^
Here or hear: ^^

*~*~Love life~*~* .
Do you have a crush: Yes
Whats his or her name: Micah
How old are they: He's an old man in his early 20s :-P
How long have you liked him or her: Dunno I dont count.
If you could kiss anyone in the world, who would it be: Id rather not at this time
If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be: No one I know
Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: dumper...because I'm deluded and like the feeling of power...and if I were dumped Id be mad I didnt get to it first...why? because like I said I'm deluded.
Do you think there is a person for everyone: Pretty much
If yes, do you know who yours is: nope
Do you believe in love at first sight: No...I think there is infatiation at first sigh though.
Have you ever been in love: Cant say I have
What do you think love is: To much to list.
Do you have a b/f or g/f: No B/F and I really hope I dont have a G/F.
Do you want one: when the time comes...Im not desperate but if it came down my path in life sure.
How long have you been together:err see above
What do you like about your crush or b/f, g/f: Eh..my crush is really only attaction at this point in time... :-P
When was your first kiss: Ways banner: Never been Kissed

First grade teacher's name: Matice
Last word you said: "game"
Last song you sang: Well I was at the mall singing With Arms Wide Open...because it was SOOO crowded no one could me hear me so I was like, why not?
Last meal you ate: Cheese fries if that counts
Favorite childhood cartoon: Not sure..never was a TV watcher really
What did you hate most about school: MATH
Last person you flipped off: Hmm...well like a year ago I flipped off some dude that cut me off and almost hit me....but thats the only time I can even remember doing it ever...
Last song stuck in your head: Arms Wide Open
What line/verse: "I just heard the news today...seems my life's about to change..."
Last time you bled: Hmm...maybe 3wks ago when I cut myself on accident??

What's in your CD player: Creed "Weathered", Avalon "Oxygen", and Rachel Lampa "Kaladiscope" ((my cd player has a 3-disc changer *g*)
What color sox are you wearing: Im not, Im barefoot
What's under your bed: Books, Clothes, books, paper, and books.
What's the weather like: Bloody hot
What time did you wake up today: 10am
Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: Um...I dunno...wasnt planning to get up any speficit time.

Who do you want to marry: The man of my dreams of coures *G*
Are you going to college: yes of course!
If so, how long do you want to go: Till I get my degree
Where do you want to go: Some place on the Eastern Coast of the US or abroad
What is your career going to be: Depends...I'm juggling ideas. Right now I'm leaning toward politician...but Ive also considered lawyer, pychatrist, or I LOVE to act :-D
Where are you going to live: East US coast...most likely VA
How many kids do you want: minimum of 4
Kids names girls: Autumn, Paige, Brianna, & Jordan to name a few...
Kids names boys: Gabriel, Nathan, Gareth, & Addison just to name a few....(Im a name junkie tho so I have LOTS)
Where do you want your honeymoon: Ireland for now but I could change my mind...but def. not any place in the US.
What kind of car will you have: I drive 2002...something....lol I dont even remember what its called...yes I know I'm pathetic.
What kind of house will you have: Something thats not to costly but comfy?

*~*~Have you ever~*~*
Smoked: Nope
Been Drunk: No
Been high: Nope
Done drugs: No
Skinny dipped: I really hope not...
Partied until the sun came up: sorta
Stole: I sorta "borrow" candy and gum from brother while their at school....
Stayed up all night on the internet: Do you really need to ask? Of coures...lots...I mean, honestly, who hasn't?
Met someone off the internet (in person): No...almost did once thought but things came up and then I never got around to it...and then I moved here.
Cried over a guy/girl: No way.
Been in a fist fight: Unforuanitly...but I swear it was self-defence
Been in a cat fight: well sorta (not the same incidient as my fist fight)
Wanted to kill someone: Not literally
Fell off a chair: Ya seveal times, lol..and the last time I did I was talking to Rachel on a mic over the internet and she heard it....lol...that was...interesting...

Do you like your handwriting: Hardly
If you could be anybody, who would you be and why: myself
What superhero would you be: Hmm maybe a witch from HP...but I could think of lots of other things
Do you have any piercings: My ickle ears
Any tattoos: nope
If so where: see above
If not, where and what do you want: Well I dont really want one but if I ever did I would get one that looked like an ankle braclet
Are you picky: absolutly
What makes you cry: nothing, I dont cry anymore.
What makes you mad: SLOW DRIVERS(aka. grannies and those that actually go the speed limit).....and people who cut me off, don't use blinkers ect... err and I have several pet peevs but I dont feel like listing them.
What do you think of Eminem: He needs to get saved or something.... *shudders at the thought of his music*
Do you like cartoons: Some of them
Do you believe there is a Heaven: Ya
Do you believe in God: ya
Do you believe there is a hell:ya
Do you believe in the devil: No...but I believe of him but no, not IN him.
When you get mad, do you swear a lot: Not at all... anyone actally ever hear me ever swear before? No..didn't think so. (RP and Fanfics aside because those arnt really me...that is just for the sake of IC)
Got milk: Uh...that question sounds wrong...either that or I'm just dirty
Do you have a magic 8 ball: Nope
Ever worn black nail polish: YES! What other colour is THERE? hehe okay I do wear other colours..once in a while...but Black is THE colour.
Do you have your own tv and vcr: Ya...but I also have a PS2 which means I have a DVD player which means I dont use the VCR anymore.
Do you believe in fate: Depends
Do you see dead people: Not often.... *eg*
Are you a good speller: Depend who you ask...*snickers* but on the Net I dont bother to correct my misspells.. *lazy* but for other things in REAL yes..
Do you ever steal anything from hotels: Not that I can think of
what is your last name backwards?: Llehctim ....*snorts*
do you want to be the first person on the sun when you grow up?: *snorts* What crack are you on?
pimps...cool, scary, or illegal?: Utterly stupid.

What Do These Words Make You Think Of:
Rainbow: Wizard of Oz
Frog: Trevor
Carol: Makes me think of Carrols...like Chrissy carroling...(probably because I dont know anyone named Carol)
Solider: War
Star: "Twinkle, twnkle little star, how I wonder what you are"
Ticket: Movie ticket
Breakfast: Ugh, *gags* ( I do not eat Brekkie)

Who do you like to shop with? I hate shopping
Gossip With? Everyone :-P
Talk with the most? Rachel most likely...(poor Rachel) but also Lisa and Lena.
Trust the most? Hmmm....
Flirt with the most? I dont.
Laugh with? Anyone that says or does something funny.
Give advice too...? anyone that wants it
Who gives you advice? Myself...Lol...err well no on really I don't usually like getting it but if I do probably Lena.
Best Friend? No favourites :-P
Best dancer? Have no idea...and Im not sure I want to find out....teehee
Best singer? Not me...and according to Rachel not her either....lol actually I've never heard any of my friend so I dont know.
Best writer? Jane
Best Smile? Hmm...
Most Creative? Jane! Her work is absolutly Brill.
Best Dressed? Hmmm...

Coke or Pepsi? Coke...Vanillla and wasnt this Q asked arldy?
Florida or California? Neither.
Wal-Mart or Target? Target...and I KNOW tihs was asked b4
Sprite or 7-UP? Either but maybe witha slight prefrene to Sprite
Mountains or the beach? Moutains
Coffee or Tea? Tea... again alrdy asked
Savage Garden or BB Mak? Neither
American Eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch?Neither
AIM or MSN Messenger? I prefer AIM but use both.
Geography or Math? eh geography because I cant stand math...but Gov and History are the best :-P
McDonald's or Burger King? STOP repeating..Geez!
Leonardo DiCaprio or not? *rollseyes*
Ice Cream: *sighs* I answered the flavour alrdy...but place would be Dip 'N' Dots.
Private schools or Public schools? indiffrent
Running or Walking? I give up...obviously whoever wrote this insisted on annoying me with repeats.
Email or Phone? Email
"Phocahontas" or "Mulan"? ......*sulks...........
Baseball or baseball....? Thats not a fair question.
Do you like quieter people or extremely outgoing people? I prefer quieter but I love my outgoing friends as well :-P
Night or Day? Night
Sun or Moon? MOON hands down.
Christmas or Your Birthday? Chrissy becos on my bday Im the center of attention which I HATE.
Blue or Purple? Blue
Dogs or Cats? UGH stop it
Creed or Blink-182? Creed hands down! I do not at all like Blink 182 at all for reasons...and if you want to know AIM me.
Gelly Roll pens or Milky Pens? Both
Gap or Limited? Gap is Ick and Limited is Ugh.
Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop? bath and body works
Rich & Dumb or Poor & Smart? .....grumbles about repeats.....
Britney Spears or Mandy Moore? ugh neither
Australia or Africa? Australia def. I have lots of Aussie friends :-P
Flirting or a good conversation? Good conver.
Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudels: toaster strudel
chicken or turkey? none.
which is scarier: tornado, hurricane, or earthquake? Well I've only been in two or three Earthquakes but none of the others so I guess I cant answer.
MTV or VH1? none
Shorts or Pants? pants even tho you alrdy knew from where I answered earlier.
Tank Tops or T-Shirts? ........stop....please.........
Middle School or High School? High...because it meant you were almost finished :-P
wavy/curly hair or straight hair? see way above
Blue eyes or Brown eyes? Well I prefer Green or Gray actually.
Gelled hair or un-gelled hair (for guys)? Depends on the guy and his style
Nintendo 64 or Playstation? PS2
Guinea Pigs or Hamsters? You are all my guinea pigs *evil cackle*
Bikinis or Tankinis? eh....I don�t do swimming if I can avoid it..soo none.
Hawaii or the Bahamas? Hawai'i is overrated, I should I know, I live here...and I do not want to go to the Bahamas becos I bet its nearly the same.

What time is it: 1050pm

Wee that was wonderful.....now I�m bored again....lol
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