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irishshamrocks's Journal

25 July
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Hi! I'm Rain..and...err...uh..I have nothing to say?

Right well I live in a place that is evilly summer all year around..(summer is the most evil season!) I'm old...okay so not really, but I feel like I am sometimes!
I detest meat...the only exceptions being pepperoni and ribs. No, I'm not an animal-rightist. Not even in the slightest.
Cereal is bad too... *shudders*
Actually now that I think about it...food is just...blah. Can someone explain to me how its supposedly 'enjoyable'?

Anyways I like Harry Potter, politics!!, drama, history, RPing, writing, reading, driving, and psychology is fascinating.

I prefer to be A-L-O-N-E so go away! Hehe...jk...sorta. I AM more of a loner type but I do enjoy conversation IF its intellectually stimulating, and I do NOT like big groups of people! *hides* I prefer one-on-one chat sessions. And...I do love my friends to pieces. :-)

The movies are to die for!

Oh and I'm in love with the Irish, Ireland, and anything that relates to it...Including Seamus Finnigan! Yummy! I also have a thing for shamrocks...and green is my fav colour. (I also love Black...but its tech. not a colour so there, *pokes tongue out*)

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