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Just got back from LOTR:Two Towers.
Oh man and like the movie started at 315 so I left the house at 2. Got there at 215 and dropped my brother and gf off at the door so they could go stand in the line to get seats (we alrdy had our tix) and so I drove around looking for a parkin spot...ugh I had to park at Wal-Mart and walk across the street cos all the theatre parkin was taken. *rolls eyes* So ya I got in there to see that some people had come at least 30-45mins ago to stand in line cos there was like 30-40 people ahead of us in line. Although thats nothing compared to all the people who came later than we did. There was like 80-100 people behind us. Luckily we still go pretty good seats despite the ones in front of us *g*... but the movie was SOOO long.... I mean sometimes you dont realise the time but this was like...ugh...whens it gonna end!? Lol... then again I'm not much of a LOTR fan soo....anways,

It *was* better than the first movie.
Alot funnier!

Things I liked:

Gollem! LOL his split personality was great!
The tree guys!
Leglos surfing down the steps in the final battle on a piece of rock.
Gandall was cool...the begining of hte movie started from where he falls in the first one. Showed him kill the ickle fire demon.

I didn't like how it didn't explain much though...and the battle scenes the cameras moved so fast you could barely tell what was going on....

Oh ya, and like that hour we were waiting in line....ugh...my brother and his gf....blach. They were making out the whole time and ...errr groping eachother...in public! That was NOT a pretty site... I mean who wants to see their brother making out? Much less gropping someone.... And ya..sheesh...and their coveration was just wonderful.. *rolls eyes*...

Anyways now I'm tired....
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